The key research activities in the IBSE are – (i) Biological network analysis, which includes the prediction of molecular function in cells and populations, and environmental and evolution-dependent modulation of networks; (ii) Development of algorithms using machine learning, graph mining, linear programming, to study protein folding pathways, predict protein function, define novel metabolic pathways and understand pathogenesis by disease-causing mutations.

Identification of Disease Modules: DREAM challenge

Beethika Tripathi Karthik Azhagesan B Ravindran Himanshu Sinha Karthik Raman

Identifying context of mutation signatures in cancer genomes

B Ravindran Raghunathan Rengaswamy Karthik Raman Ashok Venkitaraman (MRC Cambridge)

Metabolic plasticity and robustness

Gayathri S Himanshu Sinha Karthik Raman

Network Analysis of Protein Folding Pathways

Soundharajan Gopi Sayan Ranu Athi N Naganathan