Course-ID: BT5240

Computational Systems Biology

Instructor: Dr. Karthik Raman


The primary goal of this course is to educate the students in introductory concepts in Data Analytics. The course will also provide an opportunity for the participants to get hands-on training in computational skills and tools that are required for research in machine learning. All the lectures and laboratory sessions will be handled by distinguished faculty members and experienced researchers

Course Content

  • Introduction to Mathematical Modelling
  • Introduction to Static Networks: Network Parameters, Network Topologies, Measures of Centrality; Reconstruction of Biological Networks
  • Databases and tools for systems biology
  • Dynamic Modelling of Biological Systems: Building models based on ordinary differential equations (ODEs), Solving ODEs, Parameter Estimation, Sensitivity Analysis
  • Modelling metabolic networks/Constraint-based analyses: Flux balance analysis, Genome-scale metabolic network analysis, Elementary modes, Applications
  • Modelling gene regulatory circuits and signalling networks
  • Current/Advanced Topics: Evolutionary systems biology, Robustness and evolvability of complex biological systems, Introduction to synthetic biology, Perspectives and challenges in systems biology
  • Real-world applications of modelling in pharmaceutical R&D