The Initiative for Biological Systems Engineering (IBSE) at IIT Madras is an interdisciplinary group dedicated to pioneering innovative approaches and algorithms that integrate multi-dimensional data across scales, to understand, predict and manipulate complex biological systems. In so doing, we aim not only to advance fundamental understanding of cells and their interactions as populations forming complex organs but also to empower personalised medicine. Initiated by Prof. Ashok Venkitaraman, Mehta Distinguished Chair, IIT Madras, and Director of MRC Cancer Unit, University of Cambridge, IBSE comprises faculty, post-docs, graduate and undergraduate students from across departments at IIT Madras. IBSE is also an integral part of the newly set up Robert Bosch Centre for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (RBCDSAI).


IBSE Newsletter 2019 | IBSE Newsletter 2018

Robust discovery of causal gene networks via measurement error estimation and correction

Rahul Biswas Brintha V P Amol Dumrewal Manikandan Narayanan

Dysregulation of inter-tissue gene co-expression networks in Alzheimer’s Disease

BP Kailash CR Srivatsan Philge Philip Manikandan Narayanan

Preterm birth risk in pregnant women - prediction using machine learning models

Himanshu Sinha Raghunathan Rengasamy Nikhita Damaraju Ashley Xavier Ramya Vijayram

Longitudinal data analysis for prediction of onset of gestation diabetes

Sriraghav Srinivasan Himanshu Sinha Radha Venkatesan (MDRF)

IIT Madras Regular MS/PhD Programme

IIT Madras accepts MS/PhD applications all year round now, and you can choose to work with IBSE faculty, based on your interests.

IBSE Post-doctoral Fellowships

IBSE offers post-doctoral fellowships to exceptional doctorates, who are desirous of pursuing a 1-2 year research to initiate long-term research goals at the interface of biology and engineering at IBSE, IIT Madras.

IBSE Post-baccalaurate Fellowships

IBSE offers Post-baccalaureate Fellowships to exceptional graduates, who are desirous of pursuing a 1-2 year research internship at the interface of biology and engineering at IBSE, IIT Madras.

Dual Degree / Undergraduate Projects

IBSE already hosts several undergraduate / dual degree projects. Feel free to reach out to any of the IBSE faculty for possible projects.