30 Jan 2020
01 Feb 2020

IIT Madras, India

India|EMBO Symposium - Engineering meets evolution: Designing biological systems

About the India-EMBO Symposium
Richard Feynman once famously remarked, “What I cannot create, I do not understand”. As engineers strive to create complex systems, biologists have strived to understand the evolved complexities of biological systems. This Symposium will bring together biologists, engineers, and theoreticians to discuss exciting advancements and exchange ideas and challenges in the field of synthetic biology. The invited speakers are leaders in the fields of synthetic biology, metabolic engineering, and microbial communities. We will also have a panel discussion on the future of biology as an engineering discipline. Set in the beautiful campus of India’s top-ranked Institute, this Symposium will bring together minds to further biological advances drawing on engineering principles.
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