20 Nov 2020


IBSE 7th Workshop

To be held on 20 November 2020 from 2.30 pm. REGISTRATION

Venue: Online

1430 - 1455 picCASO: Cellular Automaton for Spatial Organization Sankalpa Venkatraghavan and Sathvik Anantakrishnan, Dual Degree students
1455 - 1520 Systems biology of Diabetes-Helminths interaction study Nilesh Anantha Subramanian, Post Baccalaureate Fellow
1520 - 1545 Computational analysis of ocular microbiome in bacterial keratitis infected eye K B Dinesh Kumar, MS student
1545 - 1610 Localgini: A novel Thresholding Algorithm for Developing Context-specific Models from Omics Data Pavan Kumar S, MTech student
1610 - 1635 Metabolic network analysis provides insight into microbial interactions of Klebsiella pneumoniae accompanying distinctive microbial modules on the ISS Rachita K. Kumar, Post Baccalaureate Fellow