12 Jan 2021


IBSE 8th Workshop

To be held on 12 January 2021 from 2.30 pm. REGISTRATION

Venue: Online

1430 - 1455 Microbial community analyses for metabolite production Maziya Ibrahim, Post Doctoral Fellow
1455 - 1520 Understanding the patterns of co-occurrence of somatic mutations in cancer Samyugdha V M, MS Scholar
1520 - 1545 Multi-objective optimization for co-production of metabolites Lavanya Raajaraam, PhD Scholar
1545 - 1610 A method for identification of feature contribution to classes using multiple equally discriminatory subsets of features Malvika Sudhakar, PhD Scholar
1610 - 1635 Estimation of gestational age in the second and third trimesters for participants in the Garbhini cohort Nikhita Damaraju, Dual Degree student