28 Nov 2022
09 Dec 2022

IIT Madras

Training Workshop on Data Science Applications in Genomics and Drug Discovery

The workshop is aimed at providing exposure to one of the biggest healthcare challenge of antimicrobial resistance the world is facing today with specific focus on how to address the same. The workshop structure includes utilizing pan-genomics and AI/ML driven approaches to identify potential drug targets for most critical pathogens. It is also important to note that microbes undergo rapid evolution when exposed to antibiotics and therefore the challenge is to understand a dynamically evolving system and identify its strengths and weaknesses to devise novel strategies like identification of previously unknown target space based on new mechanisms of bacterial survival under antibiotic exposure and use this knowledge to scan unexplored chemical space. The project-based components in this workshop are to identify novel target and inhibitor space for the most critical pathogens. The workshop entails introduction to machine learning, python programming, network-based methods for target identification, comparative genomics for exploring novel target space, etc.

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