02 Mar 2023
17 Mar 2023

IIT Madras (Hybrid)

Introduction to Synthetic Biology - Intensive Course

IBSE is pleased to invite you to a hands-on workshop on Synthetic Biology. Synthetic Biology is about looking at biological systems through the lens and formalisms of engineering. This results in a phenomenal tool to gain fundamental insights into the functions and molecular basis of biological phenomena as well as in a suite of technologies for programming biological objects at user’s will, from cells to new materials. The course will address such a double-sided ability of SynBio (for understanding and for doing) along with its potential not only to transform the health & agricultural sectors but also moving the current oil-based industry into a sustainable bio-based economy. The Program will be complemented with a daily journal Club and presentations of students’ projects.

Deadline for registration: February 15, 2023

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