16 Oct 2023
16 Oct 2023
4.00 pm


Computational Gastronomy: A Vision for making Food Computable

IBSE is delighted to invite you to our next seminar by Prof. Ganesh Bagler, IIIT D, jointly with Centre For Innovation (CFI), IIT Madras.


Cooking is an art. Humans are unique in ingeniously combining and processing ingredients to create delicious dishes. Besides being the basis of nutrition and health, these culinary idiosyncrasies are at the core of our cultural identity. The increasing availability of data and the advent of computational methods for their scrutiny are dramatically changing the artistic outlook toward gastronomy. The application of data-driven strategies for investigating gastronomic questions has created an all-new paradigm for studying food and cooking (https://cosylab.iiitd.edu.in ). Computational Gastronomy asks food-centric questions to seek answers via the structured compilation of data and their analysis. Making food computable will enable data-driven innovations and transform the food landscape, helping achieve better public health, nutrition, and a sustainable food ecosystem.

Kindly register through the QR code in the attached flyer BEFORE OCT 13.