Bioinformatics Postdoc Position @ BIRDS, IITM

A postdoctoral position is open for an exceptional candidate in the field of Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, and Genomic Data Science. The postdoc would work with an enthusiastic group of researchers at IIT Madras (which we call the BIRDS group for Bioinformatics and Integrative Data Science) in an emerging area of systems biology called “Multi-tissue Genomics”. Multi-tissue Genomics deals with the joint analysis of gene expression data (collected from multiple tissues of healthy vs. diseased individuals) with matched genetic and clinical data to derive new insights about human health and disease.

Highlights of the position include:

  • interactions with top-notch inter-disciplinary researchers,
  • a monthly stipend that is much higher than usually provided for institute postdocs (commensurate with research qualifications and supported by a Wellcome Trust/DBT grant award),
  • access to high-end compute/software infrastructure and domestic/global conference travel funds.
    The position would be for 1-2 years after a 3-month probationary period.

An ideal candidate would be a well-trained bioinformatician with R/Python/similar programming skills, a PhD degree in computer science/genomic biology/related fields, and a strong background in at least one of these two areas:

  • [Computational] Network models/algorithms (e.g., learning probabilistic causal/correlational network models like Bayesian/Markov networks among genes in different tissues)
  • [Biological] Genomic data analysis/interpretation (e.g., RNA-seq, genotype or other sequencing data analysis pipelines; interpreting network analysis results using hormone/disease biology and Gene Ontology, etc.)

Creativity in developing new bioinformatics methods and/or new (in-silico/in-vitro) validation strategies for key mediators of inter-tissue communication is a plus.

Interested doctorates can apply by sending your CV, research proposal, and a cover letter explaining your interest. Deadline for application: Rolling; applicants will be screened and invited for interviews/presentations on a regular basis.

Dr. Manikandan Narayanan ( )
Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)
PI, Bioinformatics and Integrative Data Science (BIRDS) Group
Affiliated with Initiative for Biological Systems Engineering (IBSE), and Robert Bosch Center for Data Science and AI (RBC-DSAI)
IIT Madras